Coco dress

On my bucket list for a long time, I finally made a Coco Dress by Tilly and the Buttons.

I used a striped organic cotton jersey from Lillestoff. Breton stripes would have been nice, too, but these kind of stripes (sailor stripes?) really are my favourite. While Coco  in general can be a quick project (I think that depends on each person), I took a lot of time to match the stripes when laying out the pattern pieces – and I think it was worth it, it turned out almost perfect. You can find a very useful guide on matching stripes and other patterns in  the September 2015 issue of Seamworkmag.

The pattern recommends knit fabrics with little stretch and my fabric has 5% Lycra, but I think it still works fine. I made the long sleeve version and sized up the sleeves as I have rather ‘sporty’ upper arms and I wanted the sleeves to have the same easy fit as the bodice. Nevertheless, I had to shorten the sleeves quite a bit.

Sewing the neckline and the hem with a twin needle on my very basic sewing machine turned out a little difficult. The next time sewing with knits, I’m going to use a light hemming tape to stabilise when finishing hem and neckline.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the result, I love the shape and that it’s a quite comfy dress.

I’m going to make the shirt version, too. I was thinking about narrowing the sleeves but as I’m not very experienced with altering patterns and the dress is intended to be worn rather loose, I thought it might be not that that important. Anyone has experience with narrowing the shoulders on this or similar patterns for knit fabrics?

P. S.: I will add more photos later on, at the moment I have a very slow internet connection..


Nautical Megan Dress

I made a sleeveless version of the Megan dress from Love at First Stitch by Tilly and the Buttons. The top is made from an organic striped jersey I had in my stash for a long time. The skirt is made from a double knit fabric I bought for this project.

I reduced the neckline and armhole (the upper part, not where the armpit is) by 0,5 cm on my pattern – I wasn’t sure if that was ok because somewhere I had read that if you change a pattern’s neckline too much you also have to alter the bodice. So I’m very pleased that it worked out well.

The back neckline stands a little off where the top of the zip is – maybe I should have lined the zip or topstiched the fabric on the left and right side of it? Actually I don’t dare to try this because I don’t want to ruin the fabric. Anyway, I don’t mind this little imperfection.

Anchor buttons, striped bodice and navy blue skirt make a perfect nautical 60s summer dress and I think the fit is really flattering. I will definitely make more Megan dresses in the near future.

Megandress front  Megan dress side  Megan Dress back